Vigaplus Review: Ingredients, Benefits and Indications

There exist dozens of anti-impotence pills and the manufacturers always claim that this pill will work best, but we know that no all of them are equally effective. The potent effect of supplements depends not only on the ingredients, but on their blend and proportions. The age of the man and the causes of the erectile dysfunction or other sexual d ...

Caliplus – When Other Pills Don’t Work

Caliplus pills
Caliplus is a new word in the question of erectile dysfunction treatment. It was created for the treatment of the most hopeless cases of ED, as a safe and harmless alternative to “blue pills”. Caliplus does work and works the same way, as popular Levitra or Viagra, but without side-effects to your health, such as blurred vision, tachycardia, change ...

Get the Erections you Dream About with Niagra!

Niagra is a herbal erectile dysfunction treatment that stimulates testosterone production and provides an additional supply of the nutrients vital for normal erection to the body. Niagra releases stored testosterone and increases blood flow to the penis, thus leading to longer and firmer erections. The advantages of natural ED treatments are undeni ...

Types of Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Erectile dysfunction treatment choice to a long extent depends on the type of ED: it can be either physiological (caused by physiological reasons) or psychological, caused by stress, nervous tension, etc. Physiological ED causes can include: trauma, hormonal imbalance, nerves injury after a surgery and others. ED treatment can include both traditional and alternative methods, as well as home remedies for erectile dysfunction and natural ed cures.

Surgical methods are invasive and suit a limited number of men. One of the main risks is connected with the chance to lose erection forever. Besides, the cost of such a surgery is usually sky-high and it's not covered by insurance. Some ed recovery surgeries include the use of implants. The risk of rejection is not high, but in some cases such surgeries can lead to inflammation and require a course of antibiotics.

Herbs for ed treatment have been used for many centuries. Natural aphrodisiacs, potent herbs, herbal remedies for ed helped millions of men forget about problems with erection, premature ejaculation and other sexual disorders. Here, on this site, we stick to the point that natural medicine is much better than traditional one, as it doesn't harm your health and in many cases herbal remedies are much more effective than chemical pills.

It's really hard to define best ed treatment, as the efficiency of the treatment to a long extent depends on the type of ed, its causes and stage. Best ed treatment options include series of tests to find out the causes and the type of erectile dysfunction, changes in diet or/and lifestyles and a herbal ed remedy, prescribed meds, a surgery, the use of different devices and even alternative medicine, such as hypnosis or meditations.

This page carries best natural ed treatments' reviews with user comments and ratings and was created to give men who want to use natural remedies for ed as much info as possible. Click on the images of these ed cures and learn their ingredients, main effect, dosage, recommended course of treatment and many other useful things.